Alex Quade signs book deal

alexquade2016(New York – April 27, 2016) — Mauro DiPreta, Publisher of Hachette Books, announced today the acquisition of DANGER CLOSE, a nonfiction narrative by award-winning war reporter, Alex Quade, who covers Special Operations Forces on combat missions downrange and who has experienced unprecedented access to these elite combat troops.
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Alex Quade garners press coverage for film documentaries

MRE Board Member Alex Quade talked about journalism and being an embedded reporter during three press interviews in California, in anticipation of her Special Forces documentaries screening at the Monarch Film Festival this week. [Read more…]

Graphic Video: CNN’s Alex Quade HUNTING IED’s (Part 2)

EXCLUSIVE: Improvised explosive devices, weapons of choice by insurgents in Iraq. The homemade bombs kill more U.S. troops than anything else, and they making patrolling the front lines even more deadly. CNN’s Alex Quade embedded with a Marine patrol whose mission in Fallujah is to find and destroy those IEDs — this is Part Two of Two. (War Reporter Alex Quade’s special series aired on CNN’s “Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer”, “Anderson Cooper 360”, “Paula Zahn Now”, CNN Newsroom. [Read more…]

Alex Quade moderates Medal of Honor function

The Center for American Values welcomes Medal of Honor recipients Corporal Hershel “Woody” Williams, Sergeant First Class Bennie Adkins, Staff Sergeant Melvin Morris and the addition of their portraits to our gallery. [Read more…]


With news of ISIL hostage-taking, especially the Jordanian fighter pilot, as well as Pentagon talk of Special Operations Combat Search & Rescue teams possibly deploying to Iraq in the future, should Congress approve President Obama’s request for new war powers in the region — our editorial team thought War Reporter Alex Quade’s background pieces on Combat Search & Rescue worth revisiting. In this segment, Alex shares her experiences covering those Air Force Special Operations Forces who perform Combat Search & Rescue (CSAR) behind enemy lines in urban environments. [Read more…]

Alex Quade: Six tips for female war reporters

Alex Quade, a member of the Society of Professional Journalists since 2012, is a war reporter and documentary filmmaker who has covered U.S. Special Operations Forces on combat missions since 2007. Extreme storytelling and silent risk-taking lie at the heart of what Quade does. She is the recipient of two national Edward R. Murrow Awards, as well as the Congressional Medal Of Honor Society’s Excellence in Journalism Award for her “honest & courageous” war reportage. Quade has produced videos and online reports for The New York Times, written a front page story for The Washington Times and has two documentaries in film festivals. [Read more…]

How a Special Ops legend made me a better reporter

Medal of Honor recipient made impression


Col. Robert L. Howard

Col. Robert L. Howard

As young journalists bootstrapping our way up the news ranks, our mentors are usually editors or executive producers. If you’re a journalist, what you’re about to read may come as a bit of a shock. My mentor was not in the news business. Far from it, though he made some news in his day. [Read more…]

War reporter Alex Quade; fearless hero to military and journalism peers

By University of Washington, Department of Communications

Photos courtesy of Alex Quade

Photos courtesy of Alex Quade

Alex Quade has been covering war zones and hostile environments for 15 years and is the only reporter to have embedded long-term with U.S. Special Operations Forces on combat missions downrange without a crew.

“I’ve gone to the places where other reporters aren’t – the hidden places, the unseen places, inside the special operations world of organized chaos,” Quade said. [Read more…]