WABC interviews war reporter Alex Quade

As part of their Salute to our Heroes, WABC’s Rita Cosby interviews Alex Quade on her experience in covering Special Operations Forces.  [Read more…]

US Veterans Magazine: ‘Danger Close’ is a powerful story about a fallen soldier

DANGER CLOSE follows Edward R. Murrow Award-winning female war reporter Alex Quade and her mission to tell “soldiers’ stories” during a series of unprecedented embeds with U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) at the height of the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. [Read more…]

What they’re saying about Alex Quade and ‘Danger Close’

Thank you Alex Quade for your service to your Country. You have been on the frontline of so many battlefields and have accompanied Special Forces groups throughout many difficult operations. Without your reporting many times Congress and the public wouldn’t have received the needed facts to make correct decisions. Without your reporting many warriors that ultimately gave their full measure would have never been heard of. It has been an honor to know your story and I can’t wait to see the movie.” Mike Fletcher (Spec Ops retired)

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‘Danger Close’ SOFREP attends the release of war reporter Alex Quade’s Special Forces documentary

By Derek Gannon

Tampa, Florida – Recently the SunCoast Credit Union Gasparilla International Film Festival in Tampa Florida hosted war reporter and filmmaker, Alex Quade’s documentary “Danger Close: Inside Special Ops” telling the story of her journey into combat with U.S. Army Special Forces Green Berets in the Global War on Terrorism in Iraq. Tampa seemed all but a perfect setting for the premiere as it’s the home of the U.S. Special Operations Command located within MacDill Air Force Base just south of the city. [Read more…]

Special Forces in action, and a Green Beret’s legacy in the spotlight, in Alex Quade’s ‘Danger Close’

“Danger Close” follows reporter Alex Quade’s efforts tracking the legacy of Staff Sgt. Rob Pirelli, a Green Beret combat engineer who died in Iraq in 2007. Before his death, Pirelli had led the construction of a base for his fellow special operators; the movie follows Quade’s quest to revisit that base. [Read more…]

SOFREP News covers “Danger Close”

Television reporter Alex Quade has covered US Special Operations Forces numerous times in Iraq and Afghanistan and she earned the trust and respect of the troops who are normally distrustful of reporters and the media in general. [Read more…]

Alex Quade Films premieres poignant for family of fallen soldier

TAMPA — Like most red carpet events, Thursday’s final night of the Gasparilla Film Festival was filled with glitz and glamor at the Tampa Theatre.

The story follows war reporter Alex Quade as she’s embedded with Perelli’s Battalion over two tours in Iraq.
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Alex Quade at Wyoming Memorial

1-25-07 New Frontier

Alex Quade moderates panel of Medal of Honor Recipients

Alex Quade with six Special Forces Medal of Honor recipients.

Alex Quade with six Special Forces Medal of Honor recipients.

Six U.S. Army Special Forces recipients of the Medal of Honor fielded questions and shared their experiences as part of a panel discussion, “A Conversation with Giants,” led by widely respected war correspondent and author Alex Quade. The event was offered during the 2016 Special Forces Association International Conference, in Jacksonville, Fla. [Read more…]

Alex Quade emcees Medal of Honor event

Mike Thornton Unveiling-173The Center for American Values hosted Medal of Honor recipient, Mike Thornton, a Navy SEAL, on May 7, 2016 in Pueblo, Colo. Freelance war reporter Alex Quade was the emcee for the event. Thornton’s official Portrait of Valor was unveiled during the ceremony, along with pre-release of his new book, “By Honor Bound”, written with fellow SEAL and Medal of Honor recipient, Tommy Norris.  Medal of Honor recipient, Special Force member Drew Dix, who is the visionary behind the Center, participated in the unveiling ceremony.



Mike Thornton Unveiling-78