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Former Sec. Defense Robert Gates gives kudos to Alex Quade’s ‘Danger Close’

Former Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates.

SWJ Review by Dave Maxwell

Using actual combat footage by an embedded journalist and that captured from the enemy it tells the story of not only an American Special Forces Sergeant and his family, it represents all American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines and provides the American people a glimpse of the full spectrum of emotions that come with service to the nation and loss of a comrade in arms. See the trailer HERE. [Read more…]

CNN reviews Alex Quade’s ‘Danger Close’

Alex Quade on CNN

By David Daniel, CNN

War reporter and filmmaker Alex Quade returns to Iraq to fulfill a promise she made to the family of a fallen Green Beret.

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The Valor Podcast interviews Alex Quade

The Valor Podcast’s Nick Layman interviews international journalist Alex Quade. She was able to gain access to the secret U.S. military special operators community and tell their story. We talk about the movie “Danger Close,” which features the story of the SPECOPS community and a promise Quade looks to fulfill. [Read more…]

‘Danger Close’: Alex Quade Tells the Special Forces’ Stories

If you were embarking on a dangerous mission, you would much prefer to have embedded journalist Alex Quade with you than a lot of our so-called allies. You could count on her to keep her head and make the right decisions during times of crisis. For her, the U.S. Special Forces soldiers are not just a subject to file and forget. They are the people she shared foxholes with. Quade does their stories justice in Christian Tureaud & David Salzberg’s documentary, “Danger Close”, which opens this Friday in New York.

Quade is highly simpatico with their approach. She never takes positions on the missions themselves, but she feels a duty to truthfully report the dangers and challenges the U.S. Special Forces and conventional military personnel face. [Read more…]

Comments from Gold Star member Thavy Ram

Thavy Ram

Thavy Ram was Staff Sgt. Rob Pirelli’s sweetheart when he was killed in action.

“Thoughts on the movie…. I just can’t believe there’s someone incredible like you Alex, who risked everything, to make a promise to his family. You took us on this journey that I never thought I’d see or be a part of.  You made that happen for us. And it’s  truly amazing and you helped me find some closure to him being gone. I love this movie not just because it’s a story about Rob but it was the raw truth.

“I’m just a girl who loved a boy….an amazing boy. And I know now, my purpose in life, was to be that girl who loved him the last two years of his life.”

Remarks by Alex Quade at the National Press Club premiere of ‘Danger Close’

Thank you– awesome to see a full house, despite tonight’s horrible D.C. traffic… and the late-breaking news about Korea, Russia and Syria (*and why I just received a “regret” from a West Wing adviser… so am happy all y’all made it!)  Know we’ll still have a few late-shows trickling in… please allow me to acknowledge some good friends. [Read more…]

Los Angeles Times notes “Danger Close”

Female war correspondent Alex Quade chronicles the stories of U.S. Special Operations Forces in the third film in the “Heroes of Valor” docu-action series. Featuring Wendy R. Anderson. Written by Eli Baldridge and Quade. Directed by Christian Tureaud and David Salzberg. Gravitas Ventures


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Combat reporter Jamie McIntyre notes “Danger Close”

“DANGER CLOSE”: One of the most intrepid war reporters I know, Alex Quade, who shepherded me around the Persian Gulf region in the fall of 2002 during the run-up to the Iraq invasion, premieres her feature-length documentary, “Danger Close,” tonight at the National Press Club. The movie, which hits theaters April 28, takes you behind the scenes and puts you on the front lines with U.S. special operations commandos in Afghanistan and Iraq. Tonight’s premiere screening will be followed by a question and answer session with Quade.

See ‘Danger Close’ movie at the theaters and on Blue Ray

Alex Quade’s film, “Danger Close” is set to be seen at the following theaters on April 28:

New York:  Cinema Village

Los Angeles:  Laemmle Music Hall

Tampa:  Studio Movie Grill Tampa

Houston:  Studio Movie Grill Pearland

Dallas:  Studio Movie Grill Spring Valley

Indianapolis:  Studio Movie Grill College Park

Chicago:  Studio Movie Grill Chatham

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‘Rolling Stone’ covers artist who sings tribute to fallen soldier in ‘Danger Close’

By Stephen L. Betts Rolling Stone
Barrett Baber, whose full-throated, Southern rock-tinged vocals took him to a third-place finish on Season Nine of NBC’s The Voice in 2015, has released “Still Stands,” a powerful song from his album A Room Full of Fighters. Penned by Baber with Kenny Lamb, the tune recounts the brave, inspiring story of U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Robert Ryan Pirelli, who was killed in action in Iraq in August 2007, but not before leaving behind a combat outpost that would one day bear his name and inspire a documentary film. [Read more…]