What can you expect

An interactive, personal experience tailored to your organization’s needs. Alex Quade will share her riveting, exclusive video clips emphasizing the topics you want her to cover. No “death-by-PowerPoint!” As a National Speakers Association “Voice of Experience”, Alex will bring your audience along for the ride and answer all their questions. Alex will engage your teams with authentic straight-talk and heart-felt moments that they’ll remember long after meeting her.



  • Role of the media and integrity/ethics in journalism
  • Politics & current events
  • Covering Special Forces as an embedded reporter
  • The importance of telling your story
  • Investigative reporter techniques

Military Service

  • Raising awareness around the military and presenting the human side/connection to the military
  • The  importance of service; that one person can make an impact to their local community
  • Translating military leadership skills to the civilian workplace
  • Wounded Warriors, Veteran and Family issues, as well as PTSD

Professional Development

  • Managing change
  • Getting comfortable being uncomfortable –  being an “outsider”
  • Taking risks and how Alex’s experiences abroad have helped her flex to any situation
  • Building trust and rapport, being accepted
  • Mentoring and the importance of teamwork and trust

Career Path and Leadership Journey

  • Continuing your own mission – “Owning your career”
  • Opportunities and challenges of having a global career
  • How to find a successful and balanced life
  • How to manage work pressures and the importance of resiliency
  • Overcoming adversity
  • Your “Moral Compass”