Alex Quade Covers Special Forces Calling A-10/F-16 Airstrikes In Iraq

War Reporter, Alex Quade, embedded with Special Forces Operational Detachment Teams in Diyala Province, Iraq, as they called in airstrikes with A-10s and F-16s in 2007 and 2008, and advised as many as 1,400-Iraqis on missions. [Read more…]

Hollywood Trailer ‘Danger Close: The Alex Quade Story’

War Reporter Alex Quade covers AC-130 Spectre Gunship for a documentary.

War Reporter Alex Quade covers AC-130 Spectre Gunship for a documentary.

DANGER CLOSE follows award-winning female war reporter Alex Quade’s daring missions to tell soldiers’ stories during a series of unprecedented embeds with U.S. Special Operations Forces.

Trailer, as seen online since May 2016, and already screened in theaters ahead of “Citizen Soldier.”
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Alex Quade reports: Becoming a Green Beret

With the White House sending Special Operations Forces to Syria to “train, advise and assist” Syrian rebels against ISIS, I received  an exclusive behind-the-scenes look a while back at how Green Beret students train for just such a situation. [Read more…]

The Special Forces Who Avenged 9/11 (Alex Quade’s “Horse Soldiers” SHORT)

These are the Green Berets who avenged the 9/11 attacks. War Reporter Alex Quade spent 5 years tracking the Operators down and persuading them to go on camera and share their photos and stories. Three ODAs (“A-Teams’) of 34 men on horseback — including Special Forces, Combat Controllers and CIA Operatives — worked with the Northern Alliance after 9/11 to overthrow the Taliban and Al Qaeda, before America even knew that we were at war in Afghanistan. Alex Quade did stories for CNN, the Washington Times and a full film narrated by Actor Gary Sinise. Quade is releasing this SHORT version from her Edward R.Murrow Award-winning documentary, for the 15th anniversary of 9/11, and the rededication of the statue at Ground Zero. [Read more…]

Alex Quade’s Interview w/Medal of Honor Col. Roger Donlon

DonlonWar Reporter Alex Quade’s special interview with legendary Green Beret and Medal of Honor recipient Col.Roger Donlon. For more info: [Read more…]

‘Chinook Down’ the trailer

The winner of a Society of Professional Journalists award, and the American Legion Award Fourth Estate Award, watch the trailer for “Chinook Down” [Read more…]

Alex Quade Covers B1-Bs & Apaches/Task Force Fury

War Reporter, Alex Quade, embedded with Task Force Fury in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, as they called in airstrikes with B1-Bs and close combat attack with Apache helicopters in 2007. [Read more…]

Alex Quade: Behind The Stories Of Spec Ops

War reporter Alex Quade takes you behind the stories of Special Operations. She shares more personal stories and challenges behind her Edward R. Murrow Award-winning work covering Special Operations Forces in combat. Extreme storytelling and silent risk-taking are at the heart of what Alex does. [Read more…]

Alex Quade video recognized by Society of Professional Journalists

The Society of Professional Journalists awarded a second place Green Eyeshade Award to Alex Quade for the her video, “Special Forces Calling Airstrikes.”  [Read more…]

Graphic Video: CNN’s Alex Quade HUNTING IED’s (Part 1)

EXCLUSIVE: Improvised explosive devices, weapons of choice by insurgents in Iraq. The homemade bombs kill more U.S. troops than anything else, and they making patrolling the front lines even more deadly. CNN’s Alex Quade embedded with a marine patrol whose mission is to find and destroy those IEDs — this is Part One of Two. (War Reporter Alex Quade’s special series aired on CNN’s “Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer”, “Anderson Cooper 360”, “Paula Zahn Now”, CNN Newsroom. [Read more…]