‘Rolling Stone’ covers artist who sings tribute to fallen soldier in ‘Danger Close’

By Stephen L. Betts Rolling Stone
Barrett Baber, whose full-throated, Southern rock-tinged vocals took him to a third-place finish on Season Nine of NBC’s The Voice in 2015, has released “Still Stands,” a powerful song from his album A Room Full of Fighters. Penned by Baber with Kenny Lamb, the tune recounts the brave, inspiring story of U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Robert Ryan Pirelli, who was killed in action in Iraq in August 2007, but not before leaving behind a combat outpost that would one day bear his name and inspire a documentary film. [Read more…]

Alex Quade gives the insider’s view of making ‘Danger Close’

In Hollywood, I learned there’s only so much you can shove into an 87-minute film, despite working with an amazing editing team.

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Alex Quade’s ‘Danger Close’: ‘We show the human beings behind the hardware’

By Zachary Leeman

Alex Quade isn’t typically what comes to mind when one thinks of a modern-day journalist. Instead of a desk in an air-conditioned office building, she’s had to carry her tools in a rucksack across desert plains to keep up with Special Forces operators. Instead of a laptop and wifi hotspots, she’s carried a small video camera into war zones, and then shared her footage with the world. [Read more…]

Documentary follows Alex Quade, U.S. Special Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan

By Jared Morgan

It started with a promise and 300 hours of combat footage. “Danger Close” seeks to make good on a promise made by military journalist Alex Quade to “A-Team” ODA-072, a detachment of U.S. special operators looking to make sure Army Green Beret Staff Sgt. Rob Pirelli wasn’t forgotten.    [Read more…]

WABC interviews war reporter Alex Quade

As part of their Salute to our Heroes, WABC’s Rita Cosby interviews Alex Quade on her experience in covering Special Operations Forces.  [Read more…]

US Veterans Magazine: ‘Danger Close’ is a powerful story about a fallen soldier

DANGER CLOSE follows Edward R. Murrow Award-winning female war reporter Alex Quade and her mission to tell “soldiers’ stories” during a series of unprecedented embeds with U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) at the height of the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. [Read more…]

Alex Quade acknowledges VIPs at ‘Danger Close’ premiere

My friend MOH Ranger Command Sgt.Major Gary Littrell just sent me his regrets that he couldn’t make it. He & MOH Special Forces recipients Drew Dix, Gary Beikirch, & Col. Robert Howard (Bob)… were instrumental in my journey– they let me hitchhike with them to Landstuhl to visit our wounded warriors… en route to my 2nd year of covering SF ODAs downrange. [Read more…]

An Exclusive Look At Special Forces In Alex Quade’s ‘Danger Close’

By Ford Springer
Entertainment Reporter, The Daily Caller
Alex Quade began covering war zones in 1998 and was almost perpetually embedded with US troops in Afghanistan or Iraq from 9/11 on. Her new Hollywood documentary, “Danger Close,” focuses on her time on the ground with Special Operations Forces starting in 2006 with brief glances at the many dangerous missions she covered. [Read more…]

What they’re saying about Alex Quade and ‘Danger Close’

Thank you Alex Quade for your service to your Country. You have been on the frontline of so many battlefields and have accompanied Special Forces groups throughout many difficult operations. Without your reporting many times Congress and the public wouldn’t have received the needed facts to make correct decisions. Without your reporting many warriors that ultimately gave their full measure would have never been heard of. It has been an honor to know your story and I can’t wait to see the movie.” Mike Fletcher (Spec Ops retired)

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‘Danger Close’ SOFREP attends the release of war reporter Alex Quade’s Special Forces documentary

By Derek Gannon

Tampa, Florida – Recently the SunCoast Credit Union Gasparilla International Film Festival in Tampa Florida hosted war reporter and filmmaker, Alex Quade’s documentary “Danger Close: Inside Special Ops” telling the story of her journey into combat with U.S. Army Special Forces Green Berets in the Global War on Terrorism in Iraq. Tampa seemed all but a perfect setting for the premiere as it’s the home of the U.S. Special Operations Command located within MacDill Air Force Base just south of the city. [Read more…]