What they’re saying about Alex Quade and ‘Danger Close’

Thank you Alex Quade for your service to your Country. You have been on the frontline of so many battlefields and have accompanied Special Forces groups throughout many difficult operations. Without your reporting many times Congress and the public wouldn’t have received the needed facts to make correct decisions. Without your reporting many warriors that ultimately gave their full measure would have never been heard of. It has been an honor to know your story and I can’t wait to see the movie.” Mike Fletcher (Spec Ops retired)

Danger Close is a combat film from the heart. Alex Quade goes above and beyond to tell the story of today’s Special Forces warriors. Her willingness to go into harm’s way produced a film that honors the regiment and renews faith in combat reporting.  Col. Hans Bush, Colonel, Special Forces (retired)

I’m struck how in depth the Alex Quade Danger Close documentary gets while adhering to OPSEC.” Derek Gannon

Congratulations on your film Alex. Alex Quade spent some time on my team in Iraq in 2007. It was an honor having her with us. Soon her documentary will be released and I recommend everyone sees it. You will not be disappointed.” Jamie Baker

A must see from Alex Quade – a reporter that has been in the thick of it covering Special Operations Forces!” Mike Duffy, Special Forces (ret.)

Clearly the best and most moving movie I have seen in a long while. It will stick with my for a long, long time.” Ed Gosselin, Special Forces (ret.)

So proud of our dear friend Alex Quade! The film about her tireless efforts to highlight the brave men and women in uniform, DANGER CLOSE. Well done Alex! “A nation that forgets its heroes is destined to be forgotten” but because of journalists like yourself that will never happen!!” Deborah Flora

Looking forward to this release. Alex Quade is representative of the breed of journalists I most closely associate with the profession. Those who go into the fire to bring our stories home.”  Doctrine Man

Please support this cause and go see this movie: “Danger Close” when it comes out. Alex Quade who produced the movie is in it and is a Warrior Sister to us in Special Forces and The Special Operations Community. The movie honors the legacy of one of our fallen Brothers and the heroics of the Men who are in Special Forces.” Brian Rodriguez, Special Forces (ret.)

 Very powerful movie!  Alex is an extraordinary person and it shows in this movie. This movie isn’t “based on a true story”, it IS the true story using videos taken during the actual combat. Very compelling.” Chris Boelkes

An awesome film made by an award-winning war-correspondent and friend.  More intense than a Hollywood blockbuster. Can’t wait for this to come to Netflix Alex Quade!” Yashwant Goel

Danger Close was a wonderful tribute to the important people who help keep us safe at night.  It’s also a reminder that Freedom is not for free and for us to not take anything for granted.” John Krotek, Green Zone Hero organization

Friends, this is a must see documentary, ‘Danger Close’. Not only is Alex Quade a friend of mine, but she is a Bonafide Bad Ass.” Nicole “FiFi” Malachowski, former Air Force Thunderbird

Alex Quade’s film takes you where few men and only one woman have gone.” Tom Wade

Alex Quade often goes to very dangerous global war zones. She reports on the human side of military life from the lowest ranking women and men in uniform to those wearing four stars. She tells the stories of our Medal of Honor winners and the young enlisted troops on their first assignments. I met her when her then husband David Allbritton of CNN was nearly blown to bits by a mortar or rocket in Sarajevo. David recovered from his very serious war wounds. Alex made absolutely certain that David would receive the finest medical care—insisting to the then President of CNN that no expense should be spared in David’s treatment. Thanks to the approval of Ted Turner and the assistance of the international desk of CNN and the Mayo Clinic, no expense was spared. Nobody ever should mistake the outer beauty of Alex for glamour alone. She has courage, grit, and a fierce determination to do well every assignment that she undertakes. Taking high risks to her own life, she has covered Special Ops troops in Iraq and in Afghanistan. She has slept next to caskets aboard Air Force cargo planes, flown in Apache helicopters, climbed Mt. Rainer with wounded warriors, flown on combat missions in AC-130’s, gone on combat patrols in Stryker vehicles, jumped into seas with combat air and search swimmers, and dangled on a rope beneath a helicopter on missions. She has flown with AF Thunderbirds and in the B-1B Lancer bombers. Except for worrying about her safety, I am proud that she considers me a mentor. Alex has the right stuff.” Tom Johnson, former CNN President