Alex Quade’s Spec Ops combat coverage becomes Hollywood movie

A Hollywood film about Alex Quade, called “Danger Close” is currently in production.

The Hollywood Reporter says the documentary feature is fully funded, and will be distributed worldwide in 2016. [Read more…]

CNN’s Alex Quade Wounded Warrior Special

A CNN special report by Alex Quade on emergency medical care for the wounded soldiers in Iraq. The military’s emergency medical system featured; scenes shown from a battle in which medics and corpsmen care for the wounded, the combat field hospital, the US Army medevac unit in helicopters, the combat support hospital, the copters en route, the emergency room. [Read more…]

Graphic Video: CNN’s Alex Quade HUNTING IED’s (Part 2)

EXCLUSIVE: Improvised explosive devices, weapons of choice by insurgents in Iraq. The homemade bombs kill more U.S. troops than anything else, and they making patrolling the front lines even more deadly. CNN’s Alex Quade embedded with a Marine patrol whose mission in Fallujah is to find and destroy those IEDs — this is Part Two of Two. (War Reporter Alex Quade’s special series aired on CNN’s “Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer”, “Anderson Cooper 360”, “Paula Zahn Now”, CNN Newsroom. [Read more…]

Alex Quade covers AFSOC unit: Murphy’s Law

AVON PARK AIR FORCE RANGE, Fla. — As a member of the U.S. Air Force’s elite Combat Search and Rescue team, “Dan,” a pararescueman, or PJ, is used to saving the lives of fellow U.S. and coalition troops in battlefield situations. But last month, he was the one in need of rescue. [Read more…]


With news of ISIL hostage-taking, especially the Jordanian fighter pilot, as well as Pentagon talk of Special Operations Combat Search & Rescue teams possibly deploying to Iraq in the future, should Congress approve President Obama’s request for new war powers in the region — our editorial team thought War Reporter Alex Quade’s background pieces on Combat Search & Rescue worth revisiting. In this segment, Alex shares her experiences covering those Air Force Special Operations Forces who perform Combat Search & Rescue (CSAR) behind enemy lines in urban environments. [Read more…]

Medal of Honor recipient’s knife lesson with Alex Quade

DonlonA one-minute sneak peek of Alex Quade Film’s “Medal Of Honor: Special Forces Col.Roger Donlon.” In this clip, the legend shows war reporter, Alex Quade, a stealthy knife technique.

[Read more…]


Alex releases her award winning film online, for the first time. “Chinook Down” is based on her original reporting for The New York Times. [Read more…]

Inside the fight to save a beloved World War I memorial

HONOLULU — As America celebrates the 4th of July, and the world commemorates the centennial of World War I, one U.S. state is in danger of losing a memorial to its veterans killed in action. [Read more…]

The Gunship American Special Forces Use To Fight Terror

“Let’s face it: U.S. special operations forces in general are going to be engaged with violent extremist organizations for some time,” Lt. Gen. Bradley Heithold, the new commander of Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) told a small group of reporters recently. [Read more…]

Alex Quade: Extreme Storyteller; Silent Risk-taker

Alex Quade’s message captures the essence of covering the military, and all that it entails. Her journalistic work takes you to the heart of the journey. Alex’s extreme storytelling and silent risk-taking allows you to experience the hardships, success and failures of the men and women who put their lives on the line everyday for America. [Read more…]