Alex Quade Covers Special Forces Calling A-10/F-16 Airstrikes In Iraq

War Reporter, Alex Quade, embedded with Special Forces Operational Detachment Teams in Diyala Province, Iraq, as they called in airstrikes with A-10s and F-16s in 2007 and 2008, and advised as many as 1,400-Iraqis on missions.

Ms. Quade is able to release this exclusive video now, because special operations taking place and the process for calling in airstrikes for Operation Inherent Resolve are different from what she witnessed firsthand, then.

Per embed guideline, in Ms. Quade’s video: no full names, aircraft tail numbers or locations released; nor full facial footage of Operators revealed. Special Operations Public Affairs Officers cleared every frame of Alex Quade’s footage. She received special permission from the Operators to show more of their faces, since many have retired.