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Alex Quade wins Jury Award at film festival

Military Reporter & Editor Association Board Member, Alex Quade, won the Jury Award at the Monarch Film Festival in California last week for her three documentaries on Special Operations Forces. During press interviews, Alex discussed embedded journalism.

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Alex Quade garners press coverage for film documentaries

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Alex Quade reports: Becoming a Green Beret

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Alex Quade Covers Special Forces Calling A-10/F-16 Airstrikes In Iraq

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Graphic Video: CNN’s Alex Quade HUNTING IED’s (Part 1)

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Alex Quade’s Spec Ops combat coverage becomes Hollywood movie

A Hollywood film about Alex Quade, called “Danger Close” is currently in production. The Hollywood Reporter says the documentary feature is fully funded, and will be distributed worldwide in 2016. … [Read More...]

CNN’s Alex Quade Wounded Warrior Special

A CNN special report by Alex Quade on emergency medical care for the wounded soldiers in Iraq. The military's emergency medical system featured; scenes shown from a battle in which medics and corpsmen care for the wounded, the combat field hospital, the US … [Read More...]