Lessons From A Pioneering West Point Woman

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Debra Lewis at Pentagon, 2001. (Courtesy Debra Lewis)

Debra Lewis at Pentagon, 2001. (Courtesy Debra Lewis)

WEST POINT, N.Y. — Adversity is nothing new for combat veteran Colonel Debra M. Lewis, a pioneering woman in the Army. The mother of one, and stepmother of two, retired after thirty years of active duty in 2010.  During her career Lewis was an inspector general, a commander in Iraq, inside the Pentagon during the 9/11 attack, and graduated with the first class of women at West Point in 1980.

“Women have come a long way and we have every reason to be proud. When we arrived to West Point we faced low-to-no expectations on our ability to do anything,” Lewis said.

She and her sisters-in-arms faced open hostility and challenges as the first females at the Academy. “But look at us now:  we have women who’ve graduated Ranger School, women in top-level positions, and we’ve proved we can deal with adversity,” she stated.
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