Alex Quade acknowledges VIPs at ‘Danger Close’ premiere

My friend MOH Ranger Command Sgt.Major Gary Littrell¬†just sent me his regrets that he couldn’t make it. He & MOH Special Forces recipients Drew Dix, Gary Beikirch, & Col. Robert Howard (Bob)… were instrumental in my journey– they let me hitchhike with them to Landstuhl to visit our wounded warriors… en route to my 2nd year of covering SF ODAs downrange.

Former CG of all US Army Special Forces, Maj.Gen. Mike Repass and his amazing wife, Ms. Linda, (who helped start the SF Maggie Ray Awards to honor SF spouses). Gen. Repass and I go way back, 10-years, including for the memorials for my late mentor, MOH SF COL. Bob Howard. (Blame Repass for telling me years ago that I had to share some of MY story… when I told him that I don’t do that… I only share our Soldiers’ stories… not “ME” stories.)

CIA & SF Legend… SGM Billy Waugh… author of “Hunting the Jackal”– who cussed me out & gave me “what for” when I first met him at the Special Operations Association (reunion), about 10 years ago. Billy still keeps me on my toes.

Former Chief of all the AF Special Operations PJs… Chief Master Sgt Lee Shaffer— who gave me crucial survival gear before I headed out to Afghanistan to cover AFSOC CCTs & STS guys on missions… he also gave me a shopping list which included a wwitchblade and Provigil… which when I went to REI, they informed me that those are sort of illegal. Little did I know that I would be forced to use Lee’s survival gear… (Lee brought a bunch of terrific AFSOC type people– & wounded warrior PJ MSgt. Frank Reilly).

Some of my retired war heroes who’s stories are in the film flew in special– all these poor guys got stuck with me downrange with their teams.

Representing SF ODA 072 — 18C Aaron Brandenburg. (Who was wounded by an IED.)

Representing ODA 094… 18D Chad Taylor & 18E Patrick (— their wives are here too, Nicole & Jennifer. You know, ladies… your husbands’ team tried to barter me off for a herd of goats to some Iraqis— no joke. I almost became Iraqi goat herder wife #4 thanks to them.)
Ranger Keni Thomas¬†… all y’all know him from the Somalia ‘Black Hawk Down’ mission & his career as a country music star. Keni kept me from falling off a cliff, amongst other things. Huge advocate for our wounded SOF warriors.

And highly decorated Apache Longbow pilot – Chief Stewart Pitou— you’ll see a lot of his aerial footage. Stew’s representing a group of great soldiers I was with, 82nd CAB, 1/508th PIR,& 7SFG… as well as all the AFSOC CCTs, PJs & STS guys that were on that mission.

Ok, this’ll be raise hands time– I’m honored to have members of the Special Forces Association here.

Honored to have Col. Stu Bradin and members of the Global SOF Foundation here.

MOH recipient SEAL Mike Thornton couldn’t make it… but sent SEAL Team 6 Gold Star Dad, Scott Bill, and his Brian Bill Foundation here…

A BIG SHOUT OUT to all my GREEN BERET FOUNDATION friends here– my SF buddy, GBF founder Aaron Anderson sent a group of very special individuals, who are here, but who will remain very, very Quiet Professionals. I won’t ask you to raise your hands, since I know you’re all sneaky squirrels. But Thank you– so honored you’re here & big thank you to the GBF for taking care of our wounded Green Berets & their families.

Speaking of quiet, I have a big group of Ranger buddies— courtesy of Ranger William Henderson— you know they’ll be the quietest guys in the house… & gentlemen… I’m sorry, Ranger Hall of Famer & SF Gary O’Neal was supposed to be here– but he texted me this afternoon that he busted his knee & wanted me to be sure to say to all y’all– Rangers Lead The Way.

Lastly, I want to acknowledge someone who’s here in spirit… my late mentor, MOH recipient Col. Robert Howard… who was an SF & Ranger & Delta legend… nominated for the medal three times. Before he passed away, Ranger Bob tasker’d me with Charlie Mike— Continue the Mission of telling the stories of our Special Operators… for their families who resent their continual absence downrange… and so America doesn’t forget.

THANK YOU so much for allowing me to share a little of YOUR closed community’s stories.